Here is who is the best goalkeeper in Europe

Many fans questioned Liverpool's ability to operate in the football grid when the English team decided to buy a goalkeeper for 70m euros, but this summer's investment seems to be right for Premier League leaders.

Alison Baker has been named the best goalkeeper in the Old Continent among the strongest leagues, because he has kept the gate intact in more than one match.

In the classification of the so-called "clean sheet", Liverpool's Brazilian has kept the net without any goals in 12 games in 20 games held in the Premier League, even totaling only 8 times. Not in vain coach Kloop said he would have paid double the price if he knew that Alison was so strong.

In the second place among the extreme defenders in football is Samir Handanovic. The Inter goalkeeper has kept the gate untouched in 10 cases out of 19 games, while he has suffered 14 goals. Closes down the lowest rate Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa , with nine games finalized at 0 goals, out of 20 games in total.

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