How to cure diseases by means of fruits, ranging from tension, liver, kidney, stomach to intestinal diseases

At the moment we are eating a fruit, no one remembers that within a bunch of hazel or olive, there are numerous vitamins that help the body work healthy. Not knowing that with the pear juice, we can lower the temperature to 40 degrees, even though we have endless antibiotics. Or, with the tea that comes from the thana, manate, olive branches can be cured diseases such as liver, stomach ulcer, sclerosis, etc. There are even fruits that are recommended by People's Medicine for the treatment of heavier diseases such as heart disease, tension, anemia, and cancer. What is more important, on which they agree, both the People's Medicine and the modern one, is tied to the fact that at our table should not lack in any meal fruit. Their diversity must be great, as well as the fact that the human organism assimilates everything, transforming them into vitamins and basic carbohydrates for the well-functioning of all organs. Anemic patients should consume iron-rich foods such as meat, fish, spleen, eggs, vegetables, fruits, etc. These patients are advised to use fresh fruit, containing vitamin C, which helps absorb or pick up iron. If you drink coffee, tea, cocoa or other juices containing caffeine, you should take them two hours before or after food because they make it difficult to absorb iron. In the number of this supplement, some of the basic foods that fight anemia disease have been selected and help all chronic patients of this disease feel it as low as it is. Everything is prepared and consumed in the home, without great financial costs. That is why the newspaper "Tirana Observer" sums up today's number, a special supplement for all fruits used by People's Medicine for the treatment of various diseases and especially for anemia. Who are the basic fruits, how to prepare tea, what are the illnesses they heal and how long the boiling is, the right size and how to drink tea. Cases in which to repeat the puppy with fruit teas, as well as division by category, in the fruits that roots and stems are picked, and those that are skinned by the skins or even the beads themselves. How to prepare fruit teas to cure heart disease, tension, diabetes, cancers, brain illnesses and many more. The parts of the plant to be boiled and the amount to be used. The latest advice provided by doctors for anyone who wants good health and a long and trouble-free life. How to be happy and keep away from various illnesses and concerns. How to consume the right foods so that you can be as healthy as possible. What do popular doctors advise on curative fruit effects. Some simple ways to fight diseases. Everything in today's number in a five-page supplement. You will find some simple prescriptions of folk medicine for preparing tea with curative fruit and the latest advice. How to be happy and keep away from various illnesses and concerns. How to consume the right foods so that you can be as healthy as possible. What do popular doctors advise on curative fruit effects. Some simple ways to fight diseases. Everything in today's number in a five-page supplement. You will find some simple prescriptions of folk medicine for preparing tea with curative fruit and the latest advice. How to be happy and keep away from various illnesses and concerns. How to consume the right foods so that you can be as healthy as possible. What do popular doctors advise on curative fruit effects. Some simple ways to fight diseases. Everything in today's number in a five-page supplement. You will find some simple prescriptions of folk medicine for preparing tea with curative fruit and the latest advice.

no wick , olive has been described as one of the miraculous plants. Olive leaves and branches of boughs contain tin and taste bitter. They have wrinkles, tonic and antipyretic properties. They are used with very good results against atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, and in cases of fever. They have direct properties and reduce the amount of blood sugar. 
2-High Voltage 
3- High Temperature 
4-Decreases Blood Sugar Quantity 
5-Regulates Metabolism 
6-Recommended for Exfoliation on 
7-Kuron Stomach Skin

How to prepare tea:
Take 40-50 pieces of leaves and put in half a gallon of water until ¾ of the amount of water remains. From prepared tea, 1-2 teaspoonfuls a day, after filtering and adding sugar. Olive grains are good when consuming those who suffer from sugar disease. It is advisable for diabetics to eat especially green grains, which quench the thirst that causes diabetes. Tea for tension is initially prepared with 20 olive leaves per liter of water. Then add 5 leaves each day until they reach 120 leaves. In all cases the tea is filled until ¾ of water remains. Two cups are left: One in the morning before the meal and one at dinner before bedtime. For the stomach, take 100 olive leaves and put in a liter of water until the amount of water is halved. Once drained, it is poured out of a cup of soda in the morning.

MANI Black 
Manat contain about 9% sugar, organic acids, tannin, various salts etc. In the warmer summer days they are used to quench thirst. Pie (berry sauce) is used in stomatitis and pharyngeal. In these cases, the mouth and throat with a jam are smeared, especially at dinner before bedtime. Pekmezi is also used in anemia treatment, giving children or adults 2-3 tablespoons a day. Immature mannaes are used to fight the parasitic worms of the digestive tract. 
3-Hair Diseases 

How Taste Is Made :
Mussel leaves are used for lowering high blood pressure. The tea is prepared as follows: 5-6 clean leaves are taken and put in 150 ml. water until one third of the water remains. Drinking and drinking at once. The treatment lasts for 5-6 days. For liver disease, this is done: Two handfuls of young juniper herring are taken, from those who have not started to produce fruit and are cut off. They get caught in a liter of water for an hour. From the juice obtained, take one tablespoon 3-4 times a day. Against liver diseases are also used mulberry leaves, preparing them as above. While using hair dye it is advisable to use the following: Black mullet leaves are picked up with rain water, along with vine leaves and black fig leaves. With the juice gained, the scalp is made.

of mandarin fruits are digestive, refreshing and their juice is also acceptable from the stomach of children. Thanks to the content of vitamins and a large amount of iron, mandarins are a very good food for cleansing blood and fighting anemia. 

2-Clean the Blood 
3-Stabilize the metabolism 
4-Adjust high blood pressure 
As tea is prepared:
Usually folk medicine has used this kind of fruit in its original form. Therefore, mainly for those with anemia or other blood disorders, it is advised that mandarin medication should last 20-25 days, consuming daily from 10 to 15 grains or more. The skirts of the fruit, the leaves, the flowers have the same uses as orange. 
The new and mandarin fruit sprouts collected at the beginning of the flowering period of the plant are used in cases of food poisoning, stomach ulcer and twelve burns.

beans Thane containing about 9% sugar, organic acids, vitamin C etc.. Thanat not only eat fresh, but they are made of compote, sauce, marmalade. Shell leaves and bark contain about 10-15% tannin. It is mainly advised for people who have diarrhea problems. 
3-Normalizes Blood Circulation 
4-Regulates Metabolism 

How It Works :
A) Merri 1 kg. dried up and stuffed with sugar. From prepared jam, give the children two teaspoons per day. To quench the thirst of the sick (who have gathered water in the abdomen), it is advised to take a handful of semi-mature or dried ones and put them in a liter of water for an hour and then drain. This juice mixes with the juice obtained by crushing wild pomegranates. From this mixture of dried liquor is taken from a tablespoon whenever the patient is thirsting for water.
B) The honeycomb core also has good wrinkles and prevents abdominal abdominal disturbances: take 300 grams of honeycombs and ripen as coffee until they get black in the coffee mill. The obtained flour mixes with 1 kg of sugar. Children are given three times a day 1/3 of coffee spoon, in powder form or dissolved in water. Adults take one tablespoon three times a day. 
C) Mushroom mushrooms (oak) also give good results against skin eczema: take 30 grams of ash and fry in 200 ml. water. The juice is cooked with a cup of coffee on a sober morning.

fruits are delicious, used to cure the liver, clear the blood, and fight anemia. In addition, their consumption is recommended for all those with digestive problems. This fruit contains organic bulk acids, vitamins A, C, P, PP, B1, B2 etc. With fruit tails, folk doctors have successfully fought stones and kidney stones. 
1. Liver 
2. Purify blood 
3. Fight anemia 
4. Treat quickly from the stomach 
How to prepare tea:
Folk medicine uses the fruit of the herd to cure diseases, only in the form of a tea. For this, take 1-15 grams of cherry pies and sprinkle in 200 ml of water until ¾ of the initial amount of water remains. Tea warms warm, before the bread, repeating 2-3 times during the day, for 10-15 days in a row. Cherry fruits are refreshing, they quench their thirst, are well accepted by the stomach, help digestion, and when used systematically, they affect healing of liver disease, purify blood by enriching it with new elements and fighting anemia. In these cases, it is advised to consume up to half a kilogram of freshly-salted daily, continuing the treatment for 15-20 days. Cherry fruits have direct properties, they are advised to consume those who suffer from kidneys.

Pomegranate juice is successfully used in gastric and intestinal diseases, it is refreshing and eliminates the toxins of the organism. It (orange juice) gives freshness to human thought. The pomegranate flowers contain tin and have the creasing and tonic properties; they are recommended in abdominal pain, hemorrhage, hemorrhoids, and gargle (mouth rash) against swollen tonsils and gums. 
1-Gastric Disease 
2-Intestinal Disease 
3-Abdominal Pain 
5-Tummy Tuck 
6-Wrinkle Of Tooth gums

How to prepare tea:
Take 20-30 grams of pomegranate flowers in a liter of water and put in for half an hour. From this tea, take 2-3 cups of tea a day. Even the pomegranate fruit has its own features. Dry holes before being used should be watered for several hours to soften. Pomegranate tea is used against diarrhea, as well as for the fight against parasitic intestinal worms. The skewer of the pomegranate fruit successfully fights the amebat, which weakens the body, especially the children. For this purpose, the shells of a pomegranate are taken, placed in a clay pot and sprinkled in half a liter of water until half of the amount of water is left. After the juice is cool, two glasses of liquor are left in the day, one morning and one in the dinner, always before the bread, for 10-15 days. Without using another medicine, the body will be released from amebat.

Oranges are a nutrition rich in vitamins, with refreshing properties and easily digested in the stomach. Orange juice has diuretic properties (Diuretic: Means that cause frequent urination and helps kidney and urinary activity) and antiseptic (Antiseptic: Banning breaks or inhibiting the development of microorganisms), is successfully used in the fight against kidney disease even when stones are formed in them. 
1-Kidney Stones 
(when the voice is gone ) 

How to prepare tea: 
Oranges are used with good effect in combating anemia, enriching blood with new elements. Orange has high vitamin C content. In 100 ml. Orange juice contains 56 mg. vitamin C. This vitamin participates in many processes of body exchange in the body. The skirts are rich in active elements. The liquid obtained from the boiling of the peel is also used in cases of gastric and intestinal disorders. While for follicular diseases, folk medicine advises that 10 to 15 grams of fruit peels be taken for 15-20 minutes to 250 ml. water. From the beneficial fluid is 1-2 glasses a day. When this juice warms, it does well in the upper airways, when there is irritation in the throat or licking the voice.

Fruits of blackberry contain 
sugars, vitamin C, carotene, vitamin E, organic acids, pectin and so on. Also, her leaves are rich in vitamin C, organic acids, tonic and aromatic substances. In the seeds is the fatty oil up to 12%. All parts of the plant have very good medical properties. Since ancient times, parts of the plant, such as leaves, have been man-made to make teas against the digestive system diseases. 
Heart rate 
1-ul Temperature 
2-Cardiac inputs 
5-Treating foods 
As tea is prepared:
Take 6-10 grams of leaf and dive into a glass of boiling water, leaving for 10 minutes. During the day 1-2 cups are left in lukewarm condition. This infusion (or prepared in tea form) is recommended to be taken when the person feels burning in the stomach and intestines, in the case of slurry, diarrhea, gizzards (mouth and throat rinsing), when there is burns in the mouth , in the throat, in the gums. For diabetes, take two hands with leaves and berries, clean, press and put in a gallon of water. From the pure fluid, the patient gets three times a day from a cup of coffee before eating. Good results also yield berries, which can be consumed fresh as well as in tea with wine: 150-200 grams of berries are picked in a glass filled with wine. From the juice produced 1-2 small cups are taken daily, in a warm state. Berry fruits quench thirst, used by patients with chronic diarrhea, with key pain, with kidney and urinary bladder infections, coughs etc.

This kind of fruit is recommended to be used mainly fresh or fruit juice. They have high nutritional and curative values; contain about 10% of sugars, organic acids, pectin, vitamin C and R in bulk, low amounts of provitamin A, vitamin B1, B2, PP, mineral salts, aromatic substances. Peach blossoms have tonal and wrinkle properties and are used in tea. Dried, dust-blown flowers are recommended against colitis, abdominal pain, bleeding, bleeding and hemorrhoids. 
2-Abdominal pain 
How to prepare tea:
The tea is prepared by taking 50-70 grams of branch bark, which is stuffed in 200 ml. water, until half of the amount of water remains. The fruit juice and the peach fruit itself have good tonic properties, refreshing, quenching, and appetite. They do well in the liver and help strengthen new blood elements. Peach leaves are used to stop the flow of blood from the wounds. In this case, it is advisable to take a quantity of peach leaves and after they are cleaned, pressed together with salt and placed on the wound.

strawberry contains bitter glycosides, insulin, tannins, vitamin B, C and provitamin A, many minerals, has a high percentage of potassium salts, especially in leaves, carotenoids, proteins, pectins, worms, etc. If consumers find it difficult to find strawberries in the market, they are advised to use fruit strawberries, but they do not contain gas. 
2-U blood is recommended for anemia 
3-Stabilizes blood cholesterol level 
4-Also recommended as squeezed fruit juice 
Tea preparation:
Half a liter of water is poured 100 ml. vinegar. In the vinegar-water mix 50-60 grams of strawberry root for half an hour. With the gained fluid, you can rinse your mouth 2-3 times a day. New sprouts and strawberry peaks harvested early in the flowering period of the plant are used in cases of food poisoning, stomach ulcers and twelve burns.

APPLE wild 
wild apple fruits are used effectively in cases of diarrhea, as well as against throat irritation of the throat, by gargling (rinsing the mouth). Even the bark of the branches has creepy properties and is used with good results against fever. The wild apple meets as a tree or as a bush. 
3-Serious mouth of the mouth 

How to prepare tea: 
Take 60 grams of husk and put in 150 ml of water. Prepared tea is poured at once and is repeated 2-3 times a day. Very good conclusions are the dried apples have given against the disease of sugar. This type of tea is recommended by folk medicine to be used for 10 consecutive days by all those who have problems with diarrhea, severe airiness of the mouth, anemia, and in cases when the sick person is feverish. The cure is repeated after a week's break, if it has no immediate effect. In folk medicine, wild apple fruits are used, which gather when they mature and are yellowish. They are put one by one without damage, so they can be stored for as long as possible. Stored in straw. Branch barks are also used.

Apples are produced with refreshing, soothing and relaxing properties. Fruits contain about 15% sugars, organic acids, especially malic acid, rich in carotene (provitamin A), vitamins B1, C, E, P, B2, PP, which are under the skin. Apple seeds contain albumin and fat. 
4-Eye Diseases 
5-Ear Pains 
6-Against Poisoning 
How to Prepare Tea:
Take 1-22 apple grains, cut into 2-3 pieces each and stuff for 30-40 minutes in 200 ml. water. Apple tea also helps to function well in the kidneys and urinary bladder; it is used against the infections of these organs. (This tea for cough and rheumatism). And for hemorrhoids, it's worth a hint: Take 1-2 apple grains and turn it into puree. Prepared pasta, after boiling for half an hour, is mixed with 20-30 grams of butter and eaten at once, being sober. The treatment can continue for 20-25 days with a 2-3-day interruption. Against poisoning, take 20 pieces of apple leaves, crush them and put in half a gallon of water. The juice obtained is poured into tea. Tea prepared with boiled apples reduces thirst, alleviates the irritation of the larynx. This tea is used to soften and reduce the coughing,

Of all citrus fruits, lime fruit has a more healing effect. They are used against diseases that are accompanied by fever, are refreshing and lower the temperature. Obviously effective effect on hypo and avitaminozat. Lemon has good digestive properties in the stomach, it is a pleasant refreshing and encourages appetite that can be cut off from various diseases. In these cases, lemon juice is used in lemonade or added to tea or to the dish. 
3-Kidney Gland 

How to prepare tea:
Take a medium sized lemon grain, cut in the middle toward the breadth and the two halves placed on a plate over the fire until the juice is heated. Then, from the cut, the two halves, warm, are placed on both sides of the neck, in the areas of the tonsils, bind to the gauze and remain there until they are cooled. This action is repeated for 2-3 days at dinner before bedtime. Lemon is also used for healing liver diseases. More results have given the following combination: For 20-30 days in a row, every morning in the morning, one hour before meals, the juice of a lemon juice is poured along with a tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of honey. This advice is also used by weakened organisms, those who have had an illness, restored their appetite, and their health. Against rheumatism take 1-2 lemon grains and after washing well, without removing the peel, grease on the grating. Dough obtained after adding 1-2 teaspoons of sugar coffee, eating slices in the morning or in the afternoon. This action is repeated every day for 20-30 days.

It is a Greek-origin fruit, at first glance it resembles orange, but has a bitter taste than other similar citrus. Popular medicine shows that this kind of fruit, which has its own time in the autumn, helps especially in digestion. It also reduces the flow of blood from the gums, as well as cures colds and makes it possible to stabilize cholesterol. 
1-Helps digestive 
2-Decreases the flow of blood from gums 
4-U cholesterol is recommended for people with sugar deficiency 
How is tea prepared: 
For all those who have digestive problems , it is recommended to use the following tips:
100 grams of grape root are flushed in 500 ml of water until half of it is evaporated. The beneficial fluid, after filtration, is mixed with an equal amount of old red wine. Get 1-2 glasses a day. Although in taste not too sweet, it is also recommended for people who have low sugar levels. Because in its composition, the fruit has a lot of glucose.

KAJSIA Apricot 
fruits are delicious, automatic and enjoyable by everyone. They play an important role in blood cleansing. They are also used with voice overrun. Apricots are valuable nutrition for those who suffer from liver disease. 
Apricot cores are used against headaches. For this purpose, they mature and eat with honey to digest easily. 
1-Lung Diseases 
4-Laryngeal Blood

How to prepare tea: 
Take 1 kilogram of apricots and bake about 2½ hours, then they are left to drain and put in a bottle or glass container so that the tea stays cooler. He should drink twice a day in the morning and at dinner, and is mainly advised for all those with liver and blood disorders. Even for these two categories, it is recommended that apricot tea be used every day, since besides the nutritional value it has, it also regulates the functioning of metabolism in the body. In addition to the aforementioned diseases, apricot tea cures headaches, even folk medicine recommends that this fruit is also used in its natural state in cases of headache or laryngitis.

Bananas are very important in the use of cerebral hemorrhage, they also lower high blood pressure, reduce stomach acidity, and help diarrhea. If you suffer from high blood pressure, you should always think about the tropical fruit of the banana. The sun is the one that raises the tension, while the banana does its opposite. Studies have shown that bananas are a very rich potassium-rich fruit, and as such it helps reduce the risk of cerebral hemorrhage. Banania is a potassium source, such a fruit has 396 milligrams or 11 percent of the necessary minerals of one day. "Two to three bananas per day are optimal," says Biofisicant David Young. Through this fruit occurs a significant reduction, which causes the high acidity in the stomach. Banania protects the stomach,
1-reduce hypertension 
2 were against diarrhea- 
3 reduces the risk of stroke 
4-banana protects the stomach

How to prepare tea: 
Commonly used for the treatment of various diseases are not the fruit of banana or fruit, but the fire itself. It is advised to rinse in a 5 banana container and mix with honey. Consuming this type of mix makes it possible to regulate the stomach and remove poisons from the human body. Another cure is the mixing of 4-5 bananas with milk or yogurt, the use of which reduces the risk of cerebral hemorrhage and lowers the high blood pressure.

Fruit Treatments 
Are very effective ways of systematically using and for a relatively long time fruits to strengthen the health and fight different diseases.
Fruit-bearing medicines are well-known by our people and are widely used in practice. Fruits are made by consuming every day from half to 2-3 kg of fruit and continuing this for 10-20 days or more. During the development of the cure, the body is cleansed from poisons and unnecessary salts that accumulate in the key and cause pain. The amount of fat that matters to your body is reduced. At the time of fruit therapy, the other food should be light, free from gums, fat and powders, sufficient in quantity, preferring salads and herbs with vitamins and mineral salts. Practice shows that fruit cures are very useful also for combating various diseases. Effective are the results of curing nuts, with hazelnuts or almonds for the strengthening of the weakened organism and for the restoration of chestnut-like, inviting, swallowed or swaddling with diarrhea (dysentery) of dysentery; raisins, lemon or strawberries against rheumatism and arthritis with dates, with berries, mandarins, and with anemia. With oak, oak and plum plums against liver diseases; with apples against heart disease; with oranges and cherries against kidney disease.

Ndryshe are also called gruel. They have external use and represent the wet mass of the suppressed plant in the form of dough. This measure is placed between two clean jaws then placed over the sick spot or on the wound. Plant parts used for claypowder should be cleaned well before. 
Are juices in which the whole body or parts of it (legs, hands, head) are inserted for treatment purposes. Bathrooms are aromatic, soothing, soothing and so on. During the bath, the active substances act on the skin in the respiratory system or through them acting inside the body.
The liquid used for baths is prepared by boiling on leaves, roots or other parts of the plant in water for 15-30 minutes. The water-to-water ratio used in the bath is close to those recommended for drinking, but without adding sugar. 
Prepare it by boiling only the proper amount of water first and then throwing it over the wet or dry mass of the plant that is placed in another container. Ena is covered with a lid to avoid easily evaporating substances. Infusingly it is smoked after 10-15 minutes, at a temperature acceptable to the body, with or without sugar. 
Won by squeezing the wet mass, which then drains to be separated from the remaining dough. The use of this extract may be external or internal. In other cases, extracts are obtained by distillation or by placing the fruit in organic solvents such as alcohol, wine, olive oil, etc. Very popular in folk medicine are oils extracted from nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, olives, etc. Use has been found in wine, rakia and vinegars, which are made from a lot of fruits, mainly grapes, but also from high percentage fruit, such as bream, cranberries, plums, figs, blackberries, oranges.

People with anemia 
Anemic patients should consume iron-rich foods such as meat, fish, spleen, eggs, vegetables, fruits, etc. These patients are advised to use fresh fruit, containing vitamin C, which helps absorb or pick up iron. If you drink coffee, tea, cocoa or other juices containing caffeine, you should take them two hours before or after food because they make it difficult to absorb iron. In the number of this supplement, some of the basic foods that fight anemia disease have been selected and help all chronic patients of this disease feel it as low as it is. Everything is prepared and consumed in the home, without great financial costs. 
Charms seem to be one of the basic fruits that helps in eliminating the disease. For the treatment of anemia in folk medicine, almost all parts of the plant, fruit, leaves, branches, roots etc. are used. In Arab countries it is the main food, which quenches the urine because of the composition of cellulose. Charms have found good use against anemia. Even in our country, popular doctors have turned all their research into anemia disease at dates. This thesis which rejects the fact of making dates just good for the thyroid glands. Because they are very necessary to be consumed by all those who have problems with their blood, mainly deficiencies such as in anemia cases. 
Carota is indispensable for human health. Daily carrots in the amount of 50 to 150 grams are effective medicines for the sick, suffering from anemia. Carota in record period regulates blood cleansing. It is advisable for all those suffering from anemia to consume at least 2 carrots each day, while in their meals should never be missing carrots. The daily use of carrots only eliminates blood problems and reduces the risk of other diseases. 
Also from the color itself, it is understood that red beet is the basic food for the anemic. These patients are advised daily to drink 150 ml of red ripe juice, bread, or to eat as often as tomato. On the other hand, these chronic patients of any age group should be 10-15 tons of mandarin fruits every day for 20-25 days. Injecting vitamins, juices and blood quantities through fruits and vegetables, according to People's Medicine, seems to be the best salary for increasing blood levels in the body and above all normalizing the organic system. 
An effective cure for blood disease is also prepared by 250 grams of nettle leaves, 10 grams of vinegar and 10 grams of plantain leaves. All these are placed in 1 liter of cold water, where they stand for 12 hours. Then they are stuffed for 10 minutes, sweetened with honey, and then again closed and remain closed for 20 minutes. They are collected and rested throughout the day with coffee spoons. This should be repeated several times a month and helps in normal blood circulation as well as increasing its amount in the body. It is one of the main grounds of the People's Medicine. 
It is perennial herbs with bitter sweet taste. Phytotherapy uses leaves, root and flowers. The new leaves of this plant are very rich in vitamin C, with natural salt, which cleanses the blood. In many countries it is used as a salad, especially for those who suffer from anemia. The strawberry contains bitter glycosides, insulin, tannins, vitamin B, C and provitamin A, many minerals, has a high percentage of potassium salts, especially in leaves, carotenoids, proteins, pectins, If consumers find it difficult at certain times to find strawberries in the market, they are advised to use fruit juices that are strawberries but do not contain gas. 
It's a fruit that contains a lot of carbohydrates, albumin, fat. Used fresh, dried and processed in various products. It is recommended to be used by weakened persons, anemics and those who feel very cold because they give the body strength and heat. Another way to cure anemia patients is to drink three teaspoons of coffee per day from the mass obtained from watermelon, carnation, mastics and sugar. Three watermelon grains are filled with 50 grams of cloves and 100 grams of mastic. Once the mature sugar is poured. The whole set is stuffed until it is well coagulated and drunk every day. 
Black Seed contains unsaturated acid oil, ethereal oil, vitamins and a number of other essential substances for the body. It has already been proven that unsaturated acid oil containing black seeds positively affects body metabolism, increases immunity and prevents allergy. But black seeds are well anemic. This is because the seed contains approximately 38 percent carbohydrates, 35 percent different oils, 21 percent albumin and the rest consists of more than one hundred different substances. To mention are: unsaturated acid oils, linoleic acid, alpha-linoleic acid, ether oils (nigellon, alpha-pinen etc.)

Medicinal plants used for medication

Aloa Vera 
For this plant, various papers have been found in papyrus, which is said to be a very useful plant, and small tablets are produced against various infections. 
babies newborn is given in the form of tea, to prevent pain and cramps that accompany the baby in the first months after the birth. It is also successfully used against cough. 
It is a good spectrophotometer and easy spazmolytic. There is also bacteriological action. It is used as a healing bar for the digestive organs, as well as being a constituent of many other tea. 
It is used against pain and constipation, inflammation of the skin and mucous membranes of the mouth, throat, nose, eyes, as well as for regulating digestion, clearing urinary routes from the outside and inside, against hemorrhoids. 
Used as spasmolytic (against cramps and stomach and other organs), then for the relief of muscle stench, especially in the digestive organs. 
Kulfima Juice Kula 
flower or flower vase is one of the most popular herbs that help in the best circulation of blood and helps in the good functioning of the heart. In its rapid tea beatings has yielded very good results. Doctors advise drinking two glasses of tea a day. 
All popular medicine records reach the same conclusion. Fiber is indispensable for operating the digestive system and gives the body heat. For this reason it is recommended to use this fruit throughout the season. Mainly to people with blood problems, to children, and to problems with the stomach. 
Ananas is the fruit that helps strengthen the bone, improves the health of the flu, and helps prevent problems and reduces the risk of heart disease. Although it is a bit difficult to separate the fruit from the skin, the importance of the ingredient is that the fruit contains. Ananas has a lot of value for human health, especially for bone strengthening, as it is a very rich fruit of vitamin C. Especially a beneficial effect, this fruit is for all those people who have problems with stools. It is advisable for the fruit to be fresh and this is distinguished by its leaves. They should not be yellowish, but in a darker green. The best are cultivated ananas in Costa Rica, because they contain more vitamins than other countries. 
Pears are known for their positive effects on bone strengthening. They reduce the amount of fats in the blood, help digestion, and fight different infections. In the health issue, pears will be placed next to apples and oranges. But green fruit, there is something in common with bean, as it has a very beneficial content for lowering colostrum in the blood. And as Dr.Mary Ellen Camire explains, this is a rare fruit. Pears also contain a very essential mineral for strengthening the bone, thus helping to counter osteoporosis, which is caused by the lack of this mineral contained in the pear. This fruit is useful for the brain. Pears before meals just like apples should not be peeled, as many vitamins are in her skin. 
Fish values ​​are indisputable. They reduce the risk of heart disease. Also, there is a lot of value for those who smoke, as it does cleanse the infections in the larynx. Fishy oil, rich in omega-3, is very important for the body. Swallows are the people who use the most fish from any people in the world and heart disease for them are almost unknown. According to the researchers, Omega 3, containing fish has the most positive impact on the human body. Frequent use of fish is very valuable for people with breathing difficulties, those who suffer from asthma, or for regular tobacco users. Fish is recommended to use it every week, maybe twice a week. 
Olive oil
Olive oil is very beneficial to the heart and contributes to its well-functioning. This oil affects lowering the amount of cholesterol in the blood, and reduces the risk of developing cancer in women. All types of fats such as butter, margarine and oils contain many calories, but they are perceived in different ways from the human body. Greeks love it and are the first users of olive oil and use very little butter and margarine. Olive oil is called the "Best Friend for Woman" medicine, as it plays a very positive impact on breast cancer protection. The main content in olive oil is Vitamin E, which has the character of regeneration. In general, olive oil lives long, as well as must be kept in fresh and dry, light-protected environments.
Milk is one of the most important components in a healthy diet. In it, constituents of the Wheels play an important role in bone strengthening, lowering blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels in the bloodstream. Milk also helps reduce the risk of ingestion from various paralysis. Despite the large amounts of milk, it is still recommended to use low fat milk. A glass of milk contains 10 percent fat. Nowadays there is the possibility of a reduced fat milk. Milk is also useful for the brain. In a study conducted it was found that persons who drank half a liter of milk a day had 50 percent stronger resistance to thrombosis. Reducing tension and colosterol affects the content of calcium found in milk.
If someone would offer you a spoonful of living microorganisms to eat, of course, no one would accept it. But what would you do if that would bring good health to you? Millions of people do this by eating, small, living organisms through the lard. According to the researchers, these are microorganisms that strengthen human immunity. They protect against infections. Corium is an ideal source of calcium. A great good of yogurt is the anti-mold effect on the human body. This happens mainly to women. The sour has also curing effects on stomach ulcer and these effects are similar to antibiotics. Hops should be used cold. The fresh tart contains 100 million bacteria per gram, so it is recommended to use fresh as it is. 
Maize continues to be the number one to keep the level of colesterol in the blood constant, as it significantly reduces the fat graph. It plays a role in the production of bodily energy in man. South Dakota in the United States, the population since 1892 celebrates a celebration called "The Cake Party" where people decorate everything with corn. Corn is a real source of protein and vitamins. In a study done with men who had high cholesterol, after a treatment with corn products, as well as fat-rich foods, achieved quite satisfactory results. Corn is also a source of energy. It contains a kind of vitamin B (Thiamin) that is essential for humans. In our country a special use has occupied "Bread of corn" and is always recommended for people suffering from hypertension. 
"The French paradox", or rather the positive effects of alcohol in small doses that would be devastating at large doses, has recently been supported by medicine, not just for wine but also for other alcoholic beverages like beers. In addition, the synthesis of ten-year studies has shown that drinking regularly and moderately, beer helps prevent a variety of coronary or cardiovascular diseases due to group B, B6, B12 vitamins; in lowering cholesterol levels, thanks to the fibers of barbed cell walls, and so on. Another positive effect of beer is precisely the antioxidant action of maltose and the preventive of osteoporosis. So it protects better than aspirin. If drunk moderately means up to 2 cups a day by 20Çl each,
Honey has the cure for self-contained vitamin B. Honey contains disinfectant properties for skin wounds and scratches. According to Dr. Molan's honey triumphs over 7 different types of bacteria. In addition to external healing, honey has internal cure properties, such as stomach pains. So for these patients it would be recommended 4 teaspoons of honey per day. An important honey plays against diarrhea, especially for young children, as it is a good method of curing a meal. Honey in this case, fights bacteria twice as fast as a sugar digestion. Also, honey also helps in the case of extraneous problems. Care should be taken to use honey from infants. Unlike young children and adults, infants can not afford digestion in an optimal way.
Seeds of fruit 
Seeds of some fruits in many cases are not only irritating, but also remember the taste of the fruit from being taken. Although fruits can not survive the time, their seeds do not happen the same, especially when they are processed and preserved. Such are apricot seeds, almonds, various dried fruit, etc. These seeds and dried fruits contain antioxidants that reduce the level of insulin-resistant blood which may be a risk factor for the onset of diabetes. 
1-The seeds survive the time 
2-They can be processed and preserved 
3-Contain antioxidants 
4-Reduce the level of insulin resistant 
5-Prevent the onset of diabetes 
Dry plums
Why are they healthy? The dried plums contain high levels of neochlorogenic and chlorogenic acids, antioxidants that are particularly effective in combating the "superoxide anion radical". This bad radical causes structural damage to cells and such injury is thought to be the main cause of cancer. How to eat? Like an appetizer. Wrap a thin piece of bacon around the dried plum and stick a toothpick. Bake for a few minutes in the oven until plums are mild and dried bacon. 
1-Contain high levels of neoclorogenic and chlorogenic acids 
2-Are effective against "superoxide anion radical" 
3-Fight cancer 
4-Rigenerates damaged cells 
5-I Resist Time 
Pumpkin seeds
These products that are pumped down from the pumpkin are its most nutritious part. Why are they healthy? Squashing pumpkin seeds is the easiest way to consume magnesium. French scientists have found that men with high magnesium levels in the blood are 40 percent less at risk of early death than those with lower levels. On average, men consume 353 mg of mineral per day, while the recommended amount is 420 mg. How to eat? Complete, with all the peel. The bark gives you fiber. 
1-Contain magnesium 
2-Avoid early death 
3-Their liver provides the fiber 
4-It's good to eat with the husk 
5-Are healthy for the heart

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