Liverpool vs Napoli Stream



Liverpool 1-0 Napoli
Tuesday (11 Dec) 20:00 uk

There is no reason why Klopp could not celebrate his Premier League debut at the end of the 16th. That is because a few days later, they will have to step into the decisive game against Napoli, 90 minutes. This will determine the fate of The Kop in the continental arena this season. In the current situation, to win the ticket to go to force Liverpool to win this match at all costs, even at least 2 goals and keep clean. The reason is that PSG almost certainly will have three points in front of Red Star at the same time they also lost 0-1 at Napoli. Klopp's students will have to play with 200% of the strength because Napoli is not an easy name in Europe.

The current situation shows that the Liverpool road in C1 this season is not very flat, although in the English Premier they are still flying with destructive power. But overall, their form has been impressive for five wins in the past six games, and their last five games unbeaten. Anfield is also a solid backdrop for Salah and his teammates as it is believed to be home to Britain's largest heat and flame.

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