Making antibiotics right: Only this way will you avoid the consequences!

Although they help the body to fight bacteria, taking antibiotics often also adversely affects unwanted effects because they destroy good bacteria in the gut.

During the icy days that have come, colds, viruses and easy transfer arrive, because we mostly stay in closed premises, while bacteria can be found everywhere - in public transportation, office, children's collective, etc., Telegraph reports .

It is winter months that are the "season" of bacterial infections and antibiotics that definitely go together, even for 15 days.

Although their use is indispensable, antibiotics can often lead to unwanted effects.

Getting the most important antibiotics are two things:

1. Antibiotics never take over.

2. With antibiotics, also get probiotics. The first rule is clear, you can only include antibiotics in the healing process when the doctor tells you.

However, when it comes to probiotics, it is imperative to start using them at the same time when using antibiotics, but at least one week after termination of therapy due to prolonged antibiotic action.

Doctors recommend that you take between two antibiotics and probiotics for at least two hours, because otherwise the antibiotic will also destroy good probiotic bacteria.

Even the good news is that getting probiotics, ie good bacteria as a result, can have the loss of kilograms.

They also regulate the urinary tract health and hinder the appearance of infections.

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