Man United vs Huddersfield

Manchester United - Huddersfield
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Wed (26 December) 15:00 uk

After sacking Mourinho, it seems that the Reds will have a very difficult first game under Coach Solskjaer. But what they do is far beyond the expectations of the fans. As a guest of Cardiff City in the 18th round of the Premier League, Man Utd won a 5-1 victory, marking the first time since the time of Sir Alex Ferguson, the Reds scored 5 goals in one match in the No. 1 league. Brother. Perhaps for a long time, the Manucians were able to live in the uplifting emotions in the battle that Pogba and his teammates were extremely passionate about, recreating past divine episodes. More importantly, the United States 'players' fighting is seen, which seems to have been lost in the third season that Mourinho was in charge. With a more bright and exciting look under the guidance of the new teacher, 

Before ending the forgotten series with this destructive victory, the statistics of MU are not really bad. If you include the last match, there are 8/10 recent matches of Man Utd ending 3 or more goals, at the same time, 5/8 matches of the Red Devils scored 2 or more wins. Currently, MU has 29 points, ranking 6th in the table and the gap with the leading group has been narrowed. 

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