What would happen if you were to get the wrong blood group?

Blood transfusion is a simple medical procedure that doctors use after blood loss due to injuries and bleeding and to supplement blood cells in case, for some reason, the cells do not develop or insufficiently survive in blood circulation.

Like all forms of healing, blood transfusion should only be applied when it is really necessary, ie when there is no possibility of possible alternative treatment equally efficient, the Telegraph transmits.

Blood group is defined in our genes. He is inherited by parents with equal influence of mother and father. Red blood cells - erythrocytes from the outside are wrapped in various creatures (proteins, hydrocarbons, glucoproteins) which are called antigens.

There are three main antigens, A, B and O, but the combination of blood groups is also possible, depending on whether they are A, B, AB and O.

People who have the "zero" blood group are "universal donors" because this blood group can get it all. Group A of blood can be taken by persons who have group A and AB, group B persons who have group B and AB blood.

However, blood group AB can only be taken by persons who have this blood group, so group AB is a "universal recipient".

It is also important to say that people with Rh negative factor can only take the relevant blood group with the Rh negative factor, while those who are Rh positive can take the relevant blood group with the Rh negative and positive factor.

This mean that:

- if the person who has the blood group AB receives the blood from any blood group, there will be no problems.

- if the person who has the blood group 0 receives any person other than his own, the big probability is that the hemolytic transfusion reaction will occur.

If a mistake occurs and the hemolytic transfusion reaction occurs, the recipient's immune system attacks the donated blood cells, they are detached and rotten, releasing very dangerous joints, and the person becomes seriously ill.

Kidney failure may occur, once the urine becomes red, then the kidneys stop working.

With multiple complications, the person falls in shock and dies.

In cases of wrong blood group transfusion, mortality is extremely high if there is no emergency treatment, but even if it is responding immediately, Mental Flos writes.

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