Leeds United vs Derby County

Leeds United - Derby County 
 England - Championship 
Friday (11 Januar) 19:45 (GMT 0) 
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Leeds is still standing at the top of the Championship rankings. However, the advantage of separating their scores is narrowing. Just one more defeat, they could completely be usurped.

Despite having a series of 7 wins, they suddenly stumbled before a formless Hull right on their home field. Leeds' attack suddenly became deadlocked and suffered a 2-0 defeat.

In this encounter, not only did the strikers compete in a deadlock but the defense system was also very loose. In fact, they are also not overestimated in protecting the goal.
Leeds Verdict vs Derby County, Leeds Verdict vs Derby County
Leeds entered the field with the mind of the upper team. They rushed to attack with the intention of hitting the enemy. However, while they are rising, they often have to taste bitter fruits.

Now, weakness is no longer a sign that develops into a problem in defense. Public goods no longer hold the necessary sharpness, this team is hard to keep the first place.

On the other side of the line, Derby County did not face the clash with the top teams. They made Norwich hate for 3-4 defeat and drew Middlesbrough.

Looking at Leeds vs Derby County, it is clear that this achievement is not due to temporary performance. It comes from the competitive spirit and team that this team owns.

Derby County's defeat is not entirely easy. Recently, they excellently drew even the Premier League representative, Southampton in the FA Cup.

The regional dispute with them is very difficult. The ability of attacking midfielders is also quite good. This is what weapons will kill Leeds in this clash.

Leeds roster vs Derby County today is particularly beneficial for the visitors. As long as they can.

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