Newcastle vs Man United

Newcastle 0-2 Manchester United
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Wednesday (2 Jan) 8:00 (GMT 0)

Newcastlevs Man United

Replace Mourinho coach on Old Trafford hot seat, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer proved extremely charming when helping Man Utd show a fresh, strong and enthusiastic face. The Red Devils won 3 consecutive matches and scored 12 goals. Most importantly, the stars at Old Trafford returned to themselves and promised to flourish in the rest of the season.

Reviving between the most important and fierce period of the Premier League, the Red Devils are sending a warning signal to other teams. However, their sublimation recently cannot compensate for the consequences of the previous decline. That's why, Pogba and his teammates are still ranked 6th in the league with 35 points, 8 points from the top 4 Chelsea.

In contrast to the Reds, Newcastle are experiencing a disappointing season with a string of bad achievements. They are ranked 15th on the chart and the distance from the red light group is only 3 points. This fragile distance could cause them to fall into a relegation battle at any time if they did not improve the situation. In the last 5 rounds, the team of black striped shirts only had 1 win, the remaining 2 lost and 2 draws. In addition, in the last 7 matches they cannot score more than 1 goal per game and only 1 match in the last 3 matches is they scored. 

In this round, they will be playing at home to welcome MU. However, this is not an advantage when the home ground is not a fulcrum for them. In the last 10 home games, Newcastle must receive 7 defeats and only win 2 matches. Therefore, the challenge named Man Utd in this round is really difficult for the team of St James' Park.

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