Aberdeen vs Rangers

Aberdeen - Rangers 
Football : Scottish - Premier League 
on Wednesday (06 Feb) 19:45 uk

Aberdeen 2-4 Rangers

Rangers had a very close time to overthrow Celtic's dominance in the Scottish league, defeating this opponent at the end of 2018. However, Steven Gerard's men still have strikes Regrettably, the chance has passed by unfortunately. Rangers are still second in the league, but Celtic have been left behind with 6 more points.

In the opposite field, Aberdeen is also a strong name in recent seasons. Last season, Aberdeen itself was the second-place finisher on the standings, standing on Rangers with 3 more points. This season, the homeowners are also fiercely clinging to Rangers and Celtic in the championship race.

Currently Aberdeen is third with 2 points less than Rangers. That's why tonight's confrontation is very important to both in Celtic chasing and runner-up. If Rangers win, they will widen the gap in score against their opponents, and stick to Celtic. However, if defeated, Rangers will be overtaken by their opponents.

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