Ajax vs Real Madrid

Ajax - Real Madrid
Soccer: Champions League 
Stream on Wednesday (13 Feb) 8:00 UK

Talking about Real Madrid at this time is about the success and charm of Solari coach with the Spanish royal team. Since changing the general, Real has had an impressive turn with convincing and meaningful victories. It was an excellent draw against Barca in the first leg of the Copa del Rey, which was to beat Atletico 3-1. 

Thus, Real currently have an unbeaten series of up to 7 matches, including 6 victories, and with 20 beautiful goals. These victories helped white vultures rise to second place in La Liga BXH with 45 points and currently only less than the top of the big rivals Barcelona 6. This favorable result helps them focus for the Champions League, and the recent victory at Atletico was also a perfect run for tonight's match against Ajax.

With the strength and form of Real now, it will be very difficult for Ajax to be able to do something unexpected to create an initial advantage. Since entering 2019, they have kicked 5 matches but only won 2, the remaining 1 draw and 2 losses, of which the most miserable must mention defeat 2-6 before Feyenoord. However, their losses were mainly away from home, and when they played in the home, everything went smoothly when they lost only half of their home games in the continental arena.

In addition to the advantage of the yard, Ajax also contains the hidden strength of a young, homogeneous and talented team, which is highly expected and also carries a lot of aspirations. But the downside is that they have little experience in the continental arena, and this is a critical weakness when they have to host an old Real Madrid.

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