Arsenal vs Bournemouth

Arsenal are doing very well in the Premier League top 4 race this season. After the return efforts, the Gunners demanded a fourth place in the Premier League BXH from MU. They have 53 points, 5 points higher than the team ranked 5 MU. This gap is very fragile, especially when the Manchester City Reds are quite high, but with the stability and excellence of Arsenal at this time, fans of the London team still have the right to put hope on a nice result.

In the last round, Arsenal had a 2-0 victory over Southampton and this was also the fourth victory in the Gunners' last five rounds. At home, Unai Emery and his teacher won the last 4 picks in the Premier League. In the last 6 home games in all competitions, they lost a single match against Manchester United in the FA Cup, the remaining 5 games won. With such a high level, Arsenal are confident to welcome Bournemouth without being worse at this time.

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