Bellator 216: Michael Page vs Paul Daley


MVP won the fight 
Bellator 216: Michael Page - Paul Daley
MMA : Fighting open event
Sunday (17 February) 03:00 (GMT 0)

Fittingly, the principal blended hand to hand fighting occasion Sky Sports will indicate is featured by the most foreseen all-British battle ever of game, from here at the tremendous Mohegan Sun, in Connecticut, the second biggest club resort in the United States. 

The gathering of Paul Daley and Michael Page, both 170lb warriors, is a challenge that has drawn correlation with the ill will between Chris Eubank and Nigel Benn in the mid nineties. Long really taking shape, profound of discussion over who will leave the battle field triumphant. The exposed truth is that nobody truly knows. 

The two men - whose engaging sobriquets are separately 'Semtex' and 'Venom' - have star characteristics, captivating back stories, and battle as though their lives relied upon it. 

Veteran Daley, who served in the Household Cavalry close by Prince Harry, has guaranteed the thirty-third knockout of his 58-battle profession against Page, a pirouetting, damaging free-form kickboxer who changed over to MMA subsequent to winning seven world titles in kickboxing.

From London, to New York, to Connecticut, our heroes have left a trail layered with strain. 

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