Bristol City vs Birmingham City

 FT - Bristol 1 (Diedhiou 66) Blues 2 (Mahoney 42, Morrison 47)

Bristol City is the best team in the first division in the first stage in 2019. Within 8 appearances from January 1 to February 13, Bristol won all in the score, winning 7, draw 1 according to Asian markets. From the second half of the Championship standings, Bristol climbed a circuit to rank 6..

Bristol 1-2 BCFC  

At this time, Bristol is still ranked 6th with 53 points after 32 games. Less than 3 points but less than 1 match, Bristol promises to fight with the maximum effort to win the round 34. However, many Asian investors have no confidence in Bristol. when they lost in the last two games in both Asian scores and odds.

After being eliminated by Wolves in the fifth round of the FA Cup, Bristol continued to be defeated as Norwich's guest in the 33 Championship round. Many Bristol players were tired after a series of continuous plowing in 2 arenas. The central midfielder Korey Smith and winger Hakeeb Adelakun are unable to play, putting Bristol in a difficult position before round 34.

Away from the Championship this season, Bristol once won on Birmingham's field. However, at the next reunion, despite having an advantage in the field, Bristol still does not promise to get 3 points. Because at the moment, Birmingham are in good form, they are unbeaten in 4 of their last 5 matches.

Away from home, Birmingham's performance is even more impressive with 6 of the last 7 matches not losing in the Championship. Without the FA Cup, the squad without any unfortunate absence, Birmingham deserves to be trusted in the Asian bracket of +1/2. According to observation, from the afternoon of February 25, the point of eating and choosing the visitors team also started to fluctuate in the downward direction.

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