Chelsea vs Malmo

Chelsea - Malmo Live Streaming Video Football : Uefa Europa League Live Stream open event Thursday (21 February) 20:00 (GMT 0) 

CFC vs Malmo

Coach Sarri's hot chair is shaken violently after a 0-2 defeat to Manchester United at home in the fifth round of the FA Cup. In order not to be kicked off Stamford Bridge, Coach Sarri and his students need to achieve their goals in the Europa League. Chelsea's performance is showing signs of going down and quite erratic. They beat Huddersfield 5-0, and were beaten by Man City 0-6. Bournemouth could also destroy four goals without a change to Chelsea, indicating that the blue-shirt team was more or less affected by internal chaos.

After the return match, Chelsea are holding a big advantage when defeating Malmo 2-1. They are not under pressure in this rematch but a victory is still necessary to ensure the next move. In addition, home turf is also an advantage for Chelsea when they lost 1 match here since the start of the season. Particularly in the Europa League, during the last 19 years, there has been no team that has conquered them on Stamford Bridge.

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