Chelsea vs Man City

Chelsea - Manchester City 
 Soccer : England - FA Cup 
On (24 February) 16:30 (GMT 0) 

Both Chelsea and Man City are eager to get the Carabao Cup title. For Man City, no arena they attend is considered a side. Meanwhile, with the hope of running out of competition in other arenas, Chelsea are in need of a title to retain the hot seat for Coach Sarri. Therefore, the final match at Wembley Stadium in London is considered a great battle for both of these names.

City's sublime performance is still well maintained. The Citizens has 5 consecutive victories recently, scoring a total of 18 goals. Farther away, teachers and coach Pep owns a series of 13 wins after 14 times out on the front. In particular, among them there was a 6-0 victory over Chelsea in the 26th Premier League. This is also one of the things that makes Man City extremely confident when the two teams re-compete in the important battle tonight.

In the Premier League, Man City have surpassed Liverpool to win the top spot. Although it is only temporary, it shows that the Green Man can completely protect his king in the highest arena in the UK if he can maintain his high form. In the Carabao Cup, they were only one step away from coronation. Pep is aiming for a historic 6-eat again in his life after having been with Barca.

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