Chelsea vs Tottenham

The incident of Kepa goalkeeper and uncle Sarri made the Chelsea name mentioned throughout the past few days. This incident also led to speculation that Sarri was unable to manage Chelsea. Along with his downward performance and internal instability, Sarri's chair is shaken by the team. Therefore, a victory over an opponent that is difficult to Tottenham will be a powerful doping dose to help the team return to the right trajectory, at the same time relieve the psychology of players and determine the fate of coach Sarri.


Currently, Chelsea have been pushed down to No. 6 in the league and have a 3-point gap compared to the top 4 Arsenal. However, with less than 1 match, the Blues are still wide open to win a place in the top. The challenge of the blue shirt team in this round is quite large when it comes to welcoming Tottenham at home. The most recent encounter in the Premier League, Chelsea lost the Rooster with a score of 1-3 and today is their chance to reclaim this debt.

Across the pitch, Tottenham have just lost a disappointing 1-2 defeat to Burnley. However, the defeat still has a bright spot to help the NHM less sad when Harry Kane is back and has a goal. Tottenham currently have 60 points and are ranked third in the standings, 6 points behind Liverpool and 7 points higher than Arsenal.

The performance of the Rooster on the away side is significantly declining. The last defeat against Burnley was also their third consecutive loss on away field. While on the other side of the yard, the home was the fulcrum for Chelsea when they won the last 12/19 times to welcome Tottenham at Stamford Bridge.

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