Doncaster vs Crystal Palace


Doncaster - Crystal Palace 
Football : England - FA Cup 
Sunday (17 Feb) 16:00 UK
Crystal Palace is currently playing in the English Premier League, everyone knows that. Their opponent, Doncaster Rovers, is playing in the Second Division of England, probably not many people know about this team. That means the difference is up to 2 classes.

Certainly, coach Roy Hodgson will use many reserve players or create opportunities for young players in this match. Especially when many pillars of the London team cannot be present like Kouyate, Souare, Zaha ...

Meanwhile, being judged weaker (relatively large), Doncaster's only weapon is probably the spirit. Underestimated and seems to have nothing to lose, it can help the home team have an open, jubilant match.

In fact, the odds are only 3/4, plus the absence of many pillars, showing that Crystal Palace is not really reliable. Even Doncaster can completely surprise the Palace by the official victory.

At the level of troubled talent, only 2 1/2, we also believe in the door of Sic Bo. The season is entering a stressful period with both Doncaster (with promotion goals) and Crystal Palace (with relegation goals). So it will be hard to look forward to a jubilant, voyeuristic match.

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