Hearts vs Celtic

Hearts' home football ability is quite good. Since the beginning of the season, this team has won 7 victories, 4 draws and only lost 3 matches.


However, the opponent in this round of Hearts is a Ice Celtic on the way to the finish line with a distance of up to eight points from the second-placed team. Being appreciated, Celtic need 3 points in this round to create a safe gap. With what has been shown in the past, a victory for Celtic is entirely possible. The remaining problem now is how many tables will be won by the guests and whether they will win 1 left. Remembering this season's first leg, Celtic won 5-0 when facing Hearts.

In Hearts' last 10 matches, Celtic won 7 victories. Celtic's 5/7 victories are victories with a distinct score. Not only that, but Celtic's last 8 victories over Hearts are the victories with a specific ratio. However, at the end of the match, 1 left is unfavorable for Celtic. Because obviously this is so easy for fans to choose the bottom. Remember Hearts's crafts are doing quite well on their duties at home. Because in 14 home games from the beginning of the season, the defense of this team has just received 9 goals. For those reasons, choosing the lower door is risky, but it is more likely to bring good luck.

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