Lyon vs Barcelona

Olympique Lyon - Barcelona
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Tuesday (19 February) 20:00 (GMT 0)

In the Champions League this year, there are 5 teams going into the knockout stage with unbeaten achievements in the group stage including Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich, Ajax, Porto and finally ... Lyon. With Barcelona, ​​they have shown superiority in the group with Tottenham, Inter Milan, and PSV thereby easily owning the first place.

As for Lyon, they were even the second-place team to win the least points of the tournament (8) after a win and five times of inconclusive victory with rivals. However, not losing any match, even when having two big encounters with Man City from England, is a very encouraging result of the Groupama team.

Thanks to this achievement, Lyon is confident to enter the reception of Barcelona in the first round of 1/8 Champions League . Besides, the representative of France is getting a boost from the relatively brilliant form in the past. Specifically, "Lion of the Rhone River" won 6 victories after 7 nearest field appearances. 

The most impressive of these matches is a 2-1 victory when welcoming PSG and causing the opponent to receive the first defeat in the national championship. At the same rate, Lyon have beaten Guingamp at home, thereby consolidating third place in Ligue 1 and having the best preparation for the heroic show against Barcelona.

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