Man United vs Liverpool

Manchester United - Liverpool Live Streaming Video Football : England - Premier League Live Stream open event Sunday (24 February) 14:05 (GMT 0) 


Three points are the goal of both the owner and guest in the Great War vs Liverpool in this round to in turn reinforce the advantage for the top 4 and the Premier League champions this season. With Liverpool, Manchester United is the most difficult challenge in the rest of the Premier League, but if it is impossible to overcome, they will suffer a huge pressure in the championship race from Man City. Meanwhile, if defeating The Kop, MU will consolidate firmly in the Top 4 position and have the opportunity to first create a safe distance with the pursuing team.

MU's molting under coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is not controversial. From 11 points behind Chelsea and 8 points behind Arsenal, the Reds have now surpassed both to reach 4th place with 1 more point. United's performance is also impressive with 11 wins out of 13 matches in every arena within 2 months under the new coach. More importantly, the inspirational fast-kicking style and MU's quick counter-attack were revived. More importantly, MU now has a strong reputation to be unbeaten in big matches with victories over Tottemham, Arsenal or Chelsea.

The revival of the Red Devils to Manchester with impressive achievements brought good anticipation to the Great War with Liverpool. However, it is not allowed to forget that Liverpool of this season is both a great force and the gaps or loopholes of Man Utd will only be revealed when they encounter this opponent. Moreover, the determination, thirst and certain situation to win from Liverpool will increase the strength of the visitors. MU is also faced with a difficult force when Lingard and Martial, the duo are extremely trusted by coach Solskjaer since coming to power and are unlikely to play.

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