Man United vs PSG

Man United - Paris Saint Germain
Football : Champions League 
Live Stream on Tue (12 Feb) 20:00 uk

Two months ago, the lucky draw brought MU and PSG to meet at the eighth round. At that time, MU was still in a disappointing stage with Jose Mourinho, while PSG was extremely sublimated with jubilant performances. Therefore, few people think that English football representatives will have a chance to go on. But now, everything has changed.

Under coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the Red Devils have stripped and returned to themselves with perfect results. They won 10, drew 1 in 11 matches that the Norwegian strategist led. With attractive and effective football, Man Utd shows his level of playing football without having to hold the ball too much but will always have goals whenever they need.

In contrast to the spectacular makeover of MU, PSG is falling into a coincidence phase because of Neymar's absence. Only 4 games without Brazilian strikers, Les Parisiens continuously disappointed NHM, which was a loss to Lyon 1-2, cut off 21 Ligue 1 unbeaten matches and then was pulled into by unknown team Villefranche Beaujolais Extra time at the National Cup. Not only that, they just surpassed Bordeaux with the minimum score at home. In the big battle with MU today, Neymar and possibly Cavani will be absent, making Tuchel's teachers' operation more difficult.

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