Nottingham Forest vs Derby County

More than a month ago, Nottingham Forest played very badly when only 5 points were scored in 8 matches. I thought everything was deadlocked but luckily they got better and found themselves. In the last 5 rounds, Nottingham Forest lost 1 game and won 8 points, and the team scored 7 goals. With positive results and stability in recent times, Nottingham have risen and maintained at No. 9 on the rankings this season with 47 points after 33 rounds.

With a gap of 6 points from Bristol City, Nottingham are aiming for a promotion next season. In fact, the 6-point gap is not too big and if you continue to maintain good performance as it is now it is possible. In this round, Nottingham Forest will host Derby County on their home turf, where they have just won two consecutive victories. This is also the place where Nottingham beat Leeds United with a 4-2 draw in early January.

On the other side of the front line, Derby County is in trouble with poor results this time. They had just been defeated by Brighton in the FA Cup 1-2, and then again lost to 0-1 against the Milwall in the Championship. Further, Lampard's teachers and coaches had only one victory out of the last five matches.

Currently on BXH, Derby County is in seventh place with 51 points, but the gap with the top 6 has been widened to 2 points. They desperately need a victory to rekindle the spirit, and step into a position in the top 6.

In the past, Derby County was a regular winner of Nottingham. They were unbeaten 6/7 confrontations, including 3 victories, only one lost to Nottingham but that was 4 years ago. On the last two encounters, both teams failed to win without any goals being scored. But this time, Nottingham is the team that is expected to win. In terms of rank, the two teams have no significant difference. But now Nottingham are better than Derby County in terms of form, moreover have the advantage of yard. Therefore, Nottingham is still the name of the winner. With the bronze ball, the selection of Nottingham will be more discerning for players.
According to statistics, Derby County only scored 2 goals in the last 4 away games and in the last 4 rounds they only scored 3 goals. Nottingham is better when their work is quite effective to score 9 goals after 4 rounds of kicking. However, meetings between the two teams often have very few goals. Therefore, predicting the match tonight will not have many goals scored. The faint door is more reasonable for the player to choose.

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