Rangers vs Kilmarnock

Rangers - Kilmarnock 
 Football : Scotland - FA Cup 
 Wednesday (20 Feb) 19:45 UK

Rangers 5-0 Kilmarnock 

In matches like Rangers vs Kilmarnock, victory is not everything. Evidence is that in recent confrontations, of course Rangers have won a lot of expertise, but the rate of Asian trusses has not surpassed their opponents.

Rangers' odds of 1 1/4 with Rangers in this match are not really high but they are not in the safe zone. The 1 1/4 handicap seems to bring a huge "swing" to the top teams, especially those that have a superior force relative to their opponents.

In the recent 4 Kilmarnock visits, only once did Rangers get a winning match. Further, they won 17 and lost only 3/23 times to welcome Kilmarnock, but the odds of winning were not equal to their opponents (10 versus 11 matches).

Rangers have 6 consecutive unbeaten matches, but their odds of winning / losing are just 50/50. Meanwhile, Kilmarnock has won only one of the last six matches but has also achieved a better rate than the opponent (winning the 3 and losing markets 2). That shows, victory is not everything.

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