Swansea vs Brentford

Swansea - Brentford 
 Football : England - FA Cup 
Sunday (17 February) 16:00 UK

Currently, both teams are playing in the First Division in England and in that main arena, Swansea is on three levels of Brentford and more than 4 points. Looking at those numbers, the correlation between the two sides is not too different. Swansea are completely outmatching their opponents when winning all five of their latest clashes with Brentford. With such statistics, Swansea must be in the upper door in today's match.

But it is no coincidence that the scale of the population has a negative outlook on Swansea. This club revealed quite a lot of instability recently and the defeat before Leeds Utd was the second defeat in the last 3 rounds of the "swans" in the Championship. Meanwhile, rival Brentford is gradually finding stability and should remember they won the last 6/8 matches across the participating arena.

Overall, from such a lack of optimism, writers do not trust Swansea in this match. Also at the total goal mark, the 2 1/2 fading is not low if you look at the recent results between the two sides. It is also important to know that Brentford's 6/7 matches have not appeared less than 3 times in the net, so the choice of talent is not bad for this match!

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