The UEFA opens an investigation into Simeone, but not against Ronaldo

The governing body of European football, UEFA, has taken the decision to open an investigation against Diego Simeone because of the way he celebrated Atletico Madrid's victory over Juventus in 1/8 of the Champions League final.

Simeone had made his wits toward his genitals, while he was back with club fans at 'Wanda Metropolitano'.

According to UEFA's disciplinary rules, Simeone's action is inadequate and soon the Argentine decision will be taken, which may be punished by one or two suspension matches.

Simeone had publicly apologized for his action shortly after the game.

"I'm not here to look for excuses for my actions. I just want to apologize to everyone who may have been offended by my action after our first goal, "Simeone said.
"It was just an expression, no doubt a very bad expression, and I did it to show how I was feeling for my players."

Meanwhile, UEFA has not opened a disciplinary procedure against Cristiano Ronaldo, who during the game and after, had mocked Atletico fans, pointing to his fingers that he won five Champions League titles, while Atletico no.

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