Tottenham vs Dortmund

Tottenham - Borussia Dortmund
Soccer: Champions League 
Stream on Wed (13 Feb) 8:00 uk

Overcoming the group stage with the big names like Barcelona, ​​Inter Milan and PSV is considered a proud achievement of Tottenham. The absence of pillars made Tottenham's strength weaken, proving that they had to stop at two playgrounds for the British League and FA Cup. 

However, recently, with the return of Son Heung-min, the Rooster has won 3 victories to consolidate the 3rd position in the Premier League with 60 points, more than the fourth-place team with 9 points and only 5 points lower than the top 2 teams. With the spirit of playing up, Tottenham will enter the match against Dortmund in the Champions League. It is not difficult to see that they have a home advantage, where roosters have won all 3 matches recently and far more than 15 victories after 20 times recently welcomed rivals in every major tournament.
However, tonight's reception is not easy because their opponent is a moderate Dortmund. Dortmund's performance at the moment is showing signs of slowing down as it undergoes a 3-match winning streak against opponents such as Werder Bremen, Hoffenheim or Eintracht Frankfurt. However, the strength of Dortmund under coach L. Favre is extremely impressive. 

In the domestic arena, the black and gold team is leading the Bundesliga rankings and 5 points ahead of rivals Bayern Munich. In the continental arena, they entered the round of 16 most powerful teams as the top team in Group A, the table includes famous names like Monaco or Atletico Madrid.

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