What was written in Leo Messi's first contract

17 years ago, on November 16, 2000, Lionel Messi signed his first professional contract with Barcelona.

Messi's representative at the time was Horacio Gaggioli, who from time to time tells the fascinating 10-story story about signing his first professional contract in a pachet in 2000.

At first they suspected Leo because of his length, but not the right people who blinded the Argentine and today is one of the best in history.

Messi was diagnosed with lack of hormones that prevented growth.

He had to undergo a medical treatment for several years using the pill that cost 1,500 euros a month, which the Argentine club River Plate refused to pay.

However, it was the great Spanish team Barcelona, ​​who agreed to transfer Messi with all the medical problems that bothered him.

After several months in Barcelona, ​​Barcelona's technical secretary, Carles Rexach, held a meeting with Lionel Messi and his father in 2000.

He was impressed with the new Argentine and in those moments he was rushed to sign a professional contract. Rexach signed this contract in a napkin, though many were opposed.

But what was actually written in the first contract that was made in a pachet?

"Barcelona, ​​December 14, 2000. In the presence of Messrs Minguella and Rexach, FC Barcelona technical secretary, we take it under his responsibility and with the exception of negative thoughts, to put Lionel Messi under contract for as long as we agree on the amount of agreed, "wrote in the Leos contract.

Where is that handkerchief today? In Andorra, locked in a safe place at a bank. Yes, because the landlord, Gaggioli, knows that piece of paper is worth millions today. Over the years he has received some offerings from millionaires to sell, but there is only one place to stand it: at the Barcelona Museum.

17 years after, Leo is best in history, with 30 trophies won with Barcelona, ​​581 goals scored in 666 games, while donating 226 assists - just magic.

What was written in Leo Messi's first contract

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