Wimbledon vs Millwall


Wimbledon - Millwall 
Soccer : England - FA Cup 
 on Sat (16 February) 3:00GMT

Wimbledon made a big surprise in the last round when they beat West Ham 4-2. A result is considered the biggest surprise in the last round of Fa cup. Obviously, the result comes from West Ham being too subjective and not active enough at the moment.

The challenge will continue to Wimbledon in this round when the opponent from the top class is Millwall. Obviously the difference between the two classes is quite large and it is not easy for Wimbledon to continue to have an unexpected result in this match.

Not being able to play in the First Division at the moment makes Millwall able to concentrate on the game that Saturday night. The Fa cup arena is considered a lifeline so Millwall can find the joy of winning at the present time.

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