Arsenal vs Man United

Gunners vs Red Devils

The screen of heroism between Arsenal and Man United is the center of the 30th Premier League round of the 2018/2019 this weekend. If Liverpool and Man City compete for each goal in the championship race, then right below, Arsenal and MU also compare each point to get the 4th position in the rankings. Currently with 1 more point, MU is standing in this position while Arsenal are right behind in fifth place. The two attacking ways will clash at the Emirates, especially MU is currently worth watching, that's why this competition became the most remarkable round of 30.

MU under coach Solskjaer is making extraordinary things. They prove that nothing is impossible. The spectacular comeback of MU against PSG in the Champions League in the absence of 10 pillars is what makes fans proud to mention. This feat made United the first club to win tickets despite losing two goals in the first leg at home in the Champions League knockout round. The reward for them is the ticket to continue at the prestigious European arena and a spirit of excitement than ever. 

The 3-1 victory over PSG is the 4th win in a series of 5 unbeaten matches that MU is going through. Even when leaving the home, the Red Devils are not bored with any opponents when they have won all six times in the past. Before such a MU, tonight's game promises to be a nightmare for Arsenal.

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