Arsenal vs Rennes

It is clear that Arsenal outperformed Rennes in terms of ability and experience in the European arena. But in the first round, the Gunners suddenly lost to 1-3 against Rennes in a match where they showed a weak face: inferior in attack and loose in defense. In theory, Rennes has a huge advantage after the first leg. But in fact, the opportunity to continue winning for the Gunners is still intact. By the turn they will be playing at home, where Arsenal is a very scary team.

On the Emirates sanctuary, Arsenal have won all 5 home games in the past and every match has a minimum of 2 goals. Even MU, the name of a very high-flying man, became the defeat of the gunner of London when he marched here. Moreover, striker Alexandre Lacazette will return after the suspension and promises to help the Gunners attack more aggressively.

Saying that, Rennes could not be subjective in the return match tonight. Despite the advantage of a 3-1 win in the first leg at home, the operation to England will be extremely
turbulent. Actually, Rennes's performance is quite good. They have 5 consecutive unbeaten matches in every arena, including 4 wins. Particularly in the Europa League this season, Rennes has been unbeaten in five consecutive matches. Not only that, their last three matches have scored at least 3 goals. It can be said that this is the most successful season in this club's 117-year history in the European Cup.

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