Bolton vs Millwall


Not many people have faith in Bolton. They constantly disappointed with the NHM as well as the world. In the last 10 matches, Bolton have lost 8 matches and the club's ability to meet the confidence of investors is very low, averaging only 20% of the win over Asia.
Calculated, the last three rounds of Bolton were empty-handed, the defense lost 8 goals, while the attack was 2 matches. In the BXH, the homeowners have fallen to the penultimate with 26 points, less than the safe group of up to 7 points. With the current performance, Bolton can hardly escape the red light area when the season has only 10 rounds to bring down the curtain.
Bolton's opponent today is Millwall, the team is right next to the red-light holding area with 34 points, 8 points ahead of Bolton. The performance of the visitors is also very bad, when they lost all 3 matches played in the First Division England.
This poor performance caused Millwall not to be overestimated by the possibility of winning a trip to the Reebok Stadium tonight. Before the Bolton host was on the edge of the wall and would definitely do his best in this reverse final, the writer did not believe in Millwall's chances of winning.
Prediction: 1-1 

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