Bournemouth vs Man City

Man City is still competing for points with Liverpool for the top spot and this makes the Premier League championship race more and more exciting, exciting and thrilling this season. After round 28, Man City has returned to the second place with 68. The 1-point gap is fragile compared to The Kop, making teachers and coaches Pep more motivated to win each round.
Currently, Man City are still extending their impressive series with victories. The Etihad Stadium team has won the last 14/15 matches. Even when not playing at home Etihad, fans of the half-green Manchester have also continuously witnessed the impressive victories of their pet teams for the past 4 consecutive games.

With holding a quality and in-depth squad, Coach Pep can freely rotate the lineup to conquer many fronts, and in any arena they will achieve satisfactory results. . In this round, while direct opponents Liverpool will have quite a tired operation to the field of Everton, Man City only have to welcome a Bournemouth is extremely flat bowl. This is a good opportunity for teachers and students to overcome Liverpool to lead the rankings.

Bournemouth has not known victory for the past 4 consecutive games. In the previous match, they also failed at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium with a 1-5 score. At home, the situation seems to be better when they only lost 1/6 of the last pick-up, the rest are 3 wins and 2 draws.

With 34 points, Bournemouth are currently 12th in the BXH name and are almost sure of relegation. The motivation is not much, there is no good performance, it will be difficult for Bournemouth to make a surprise for Man City in the match tonight. A victory is in the hands of The Citizens, especially when they have won all five matches against Bournemouth. With intense motivation, Man City will probably play hard and finish Bournemouth with a score. Therefore, players can trust the home team even if the handicap is up to 2.

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