Chelsea vs Wolverhampton

Blues vs Wolves 

The consecutive victories have brought confidence back to the players, fans and even BLD Chelsea. Above all, the revival of the Blues also helped coach Maurizio Sarri to stabilize his chair. The internal of the blue shirt team is also more stable: Sarri still receives support from the management team of Stamford Bridge; Sarri still protects Kepa, despite being "re-turned" by the Spanish goalkeeper in the League Cup final.

Thanks to the wise management of Coach Sarri, Chelsea regained their balance and for the first time after 4 months they have won 3 consecutive wins. Now the links in the tactical diagram that Maurizio Sarri coach has built are very smooth. With confidence rising, Chelsea are ready to welcome Wolverhampton in this round.

Wolves are also experiencing a quite successful season for them when they are just behind Big 6, even though this is the first year of promotion. Wolves are currently ranked seventh, right after Chelsea but to be compared to the London team, the Wolves are much underestimated. The army of Coach Nuno Espírito Santo lost only 1/6 of the last round, the rest were 3 victories and 2 draws. But the 2-1 win over Cardiff Reds are not appreciated, and when clashing with Huddersfield and Bournemouth, the two teams are not too strong, Wolverhampton cannot win but instead That is to divide the point.

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