Ibrahimovic: Premier League overestimate

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has revealed that the quality of football in the Premier League was just as he had expected before being transferred to Manchester United - overvalued.

After leaving Sweden, Ibrahimovic played four seasons in the Eredivisie of Holland, seven seasons in Serie A of Italy, four seasons in French Ligue 1 and one season in La Liga. During this time, he won 12 league leagues.

The Swedish midfielder moved to the Premier League in July 2016 as a 34-year-old. He had expected that he would have to adjust to football in England.

Ibrahimovic scored 17 goals in 28 appearances during his first season at Old Trafford and the striker, now playing for La Galaxy in the US league, can only imagine what would have happened if he had been transferred to "The Red Devils" ten years ago.

"It was exactly as I thought it would be. The speed was too great, everything was very intense. Football was good but the quality was somewhat overvalued, especially in the technical aspect. "

"But everything was high speed and if you can not withstand pressure there, you can not survive. I do not regret not staying longer in the Premier League. I think everything that happens was written to happen. "

"The only thing I can imagine is what would have happened if I was transferred here ten years ago. It would be another story. But I'm more sorry for the fans because they would have seen another monster. "

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