Juventus vs Atletico Madrid


Juventus - Atletico Madrid
Football : Uefa Champions League
Tue (12 March) 8:00 GMT 

Juventus' Champions League ambition is facing a big challenge, after they have been exposed to Atletico Madrid's 0-2 shirt in the first leg of the round of 16. Now if you want to have a ticket to the Quarterfinals, the Turin team will have to defeat the opponent with a minimum of 3 goals. This is an extremely difficult task for Ronaldo and his teammates at Atletico is a too seasoned opponent.

Juventus has just had a perfect run for this second leg by a 4-1 victory over Udinese in the last round in Serie A, the arena where Grandma has mastered the championship trophy while leading tables and more teams ranked 2nd to 18 points. This is Juventus' fifth victory out of the last 6 appearances in all competitions, all 5 wins they have are in Serie A, and the only defeat is defeat at Atletico in the first leg.

Juventus' huge advantage in the return match tonight is to play at home. Turin's team has been unbeaten in the last six arrivals, including five victories. It can be seen that everything seems to be quite ideal for Juventus to enter the decisive match. But in reality, they face a lot of things.

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