Liverpool vs Burnley


Liverpool's performance has leveled off with consecutive draws. Ever since losing to Man City at Anfield at the start of New Year 2019, Liverpool seem to be dismayed. Since then, The Kop has won 8 more matches in the Premier League but only won 4, the rest were draws. In the last 6 matches, coach and coach Klopp won 2 big victories against Watford and Bournemouth, the remaining 4 draws, worth mentioning of which there are 3 goalless draws. However, judging by a fair competition, the two rivals with Liverpool have all been difficult to play, that is MU and Everton, the teams are reviving strongly after the slipping time.

After a 0-0 draw against Everton in the Merseyside Derby in the previous round, Liverpool officially lost their place to Man City. From the point directly over the opponent to 9 points, now the Red Brigade to give the Green Man a 1 point lead. The championship race from the place easily becomes extremely difficult and Liverpool fans have to worry about the ability to win the cup of the favorite team after decades of waiting and hoping.

The victory of beating Watford 5-0 or beating Bournemouth with a 3-0 record showed that Liverpool this season knows how to bully weaker teams. Therefore, the welcome to Burnley on Anfield tonight will be a great opportunity for Salah and his team to win 3 precious points, especially in the context of Man City will have to meet 7th place Watford. The Kop needs to take this opportunity to win the top spot again.

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