Liverpool vs Tottenham

Liverpool - Tottenham
Football : England - Premier League
Sunday (31 March) 18:30 

Unfortunate footsteps in the second phase of the season make the road to Liverpool's championship uneven. From more than 7 direct competitors, Liverpool are now only 2 points away from Manchester into 2 points while playing more than 1 match. In order not to get ahead of Man City, winning Tottenham in this round is a mandatory task for the Red Brigade.

The performance of teachers and coaches Klopp is very good with a series of 10 unbeaten matches in every arena, including up to 5 victories. Especially after the elimination of the German champions was Bayern Munich at round 1/8 of the UEFA Champions League, the spirit of the Red Army was very high. Welcoming Tottenham at home, Liverpool have certain confidence when Anfield is a very solid fulcrum for them. This season, no team other than Liverpool has an unbeaten record at home. They had 13 victories and 2 draws after 15 arrivals in the Premier League this season.

Facing Tottenham, Liverpool is not inferior, but is much better because of the more uniform and comprehensive in the players in the middle and public. In the history of confrontation, Liverpool did not lose to the Rooster in the last two meetings. In the first leg, The Kop also won with a 2-1 score in September last year.

On the other side of the line, Tottenham's third place is shaken by its unstable performance and Arsenal's strong resurgence. At the moment, the Rooster is only 1 point ahead of Arsenal and they only have to win to not be left behind. However, it seems that they are short of breath because the recent performance is not very good. The last 4 rounds Tottenham didn't know the winner, in which they lost 3 matches. When leaving London, teachers and coaches Pochettino also lost 3 most recent marches in the Premier League. 

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