Rangers vs Aberdeen

RAN 0-2 ABE 

Rangers - Aberdeen
Football : Scotland - FA Cup
Tue (12 March) 19:45 GMT

Glasgow Rangers and Aberdeen are always a direct competitor of each other in every arena, contributing to the upcoming match of the Scottish FA Cup semi-finals.

Being very focused on the sprint of the Scottish League but Glasgow Rangers will definitely not want to lose to Aberdeen in the Scottish FA Cup because victory has a lot of spiritual significance when the race comes to the throne. The championship in the Scottish league is extremely stressful. Moreover, the recent draw in the recent round is also making teachers and teachers Steven Gerrard lose a lot of advantages in Celtic chasing, so winning is necessary at the present time.

Being unable to win in the last two rounds has caused Aberdeen to lose the advantage in the Top 3 race and also remember that if they continue to play with this performance, sooner or later At any time, the opponent could be overtaken by the opponents (only 4 points higher than Kilmarnock is 4 points). Back in the Scottish FA Cup, the tournament will also be the main goal of Derek's teachers, John McInnes, a trip to Glasgow Rangers' field is clearly a storm trip and promises many difficulties but it is also the driving force. Let the visitors of the visiting team confirm that they can overcome the challenge at the present time.

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