Reading vs Leeds United


Reading - Leeds United
Football : EFL Championship
Tue (12 March) 20:00 UK

The English First Division only has 10 more rounds to close the curtain, basically the race to win 2 direct promotion positions is now almost the only race between Norwich (72 points). ), Leeds Utd (70) and Sheffield Utd (68). West Brom's fourth-placed team is on a free fall when only 61 points are available and there are not many opportunities to pursue.
Leeds Utd currently has a record of winning the last 4/5 matches. However, the away form of this team is making NHM and investors feel anxious. Statistics show that 7 trips away from the nearest home in every arena they only win 1 match, the rest are 4 defeats and 2 draws.

Considering overall from the beginning of the season, the away record of Leeds Utd is not too worrisome, because they have 31 points after 18 games, only the poorest team is 3 points away from Norwich. To see, the opportunity for coach Marcelo Bielsa in this match is still feasible, but on the condition that they must know the opportunity.

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