Real Madrid vs Ajax

In the past, Ajax has 4 times stepped up to the highest point in Europe's No. 1 arena, but in the past few years, they are only a mid-level team in the old continent. Since the 2005/06 season, Ajax has not yet passed the Champions League group stage. And this year's European Cup, too, Ajax's next door became narrower than ever after losing 1-2 to Real Madrid in the first leg 3 weeks ago. Despite being kicked at the Johan Cruyff Arena home, Erik ten Hag's students did not take advantage of the opportunity to take advantage.

With this result, Ajax must win by 2 goals, or 1 goal but with the score of 3-2 or more (3-2, 4-3, 5-4 ...), it is possible to win the ticket to continue. . However, this seems quite difficult with Ajax at this time. However, they can still avoid a defeat against Real tonight. Ajax's performance is quite good with 3 consecutive victories, even 3 wins and a total of 13 goals. Moreover, despite the younger squad than Real but in the first leg, they did not appear shy when confronting this opponent. Although they failed, they showed that Ajax is a name that is not easy to deal with and Real will definitely have to be careful in this rematch.

On the Real side, even though they won the first leg, they took a huge advantage in the race to get tickets, but that did not mean they were allowed to relax in the return leg. Obviously, the White Vulture is severely dismayed after losing two super classic matches in less than a week, even in both matches they didn't get any honor. In the last 4 appearances, Real Madrid lost 3 matches and were all at the Bernabeu, in which they lost to their far-fetched opponent, Girona (0-1).

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