Tottenham vs Arsenal

Tonight, all eyes will be on Wembley Stadium to witness the North London derby between Tottenham vs Arsenal. This great battle will be important for the top 4 Premier League race this season.

Spurs vs Gunners 

The two teams entered the derby tonight with a completely opposite mood. Tottenham have lost two consecutive games in the last two rounds, including a 2-0 defeat to Chelsea and a 2-1 defeat to Burnley. These disappointing results make the Rooster widen the gap between Man City and Liverpool by 8 and 9 points respectively. Meanwhile, Arsenal are stabbing Tottenham's third place when the distance between them is only 4 points. Therefore, Tottenham needs a victory to rekindle the spirit after two consecutive matches to taste defeat, and continue the race in the highest arena in England.

In this round, Tottenham will have a great advantage on the pitch. The Wembley Stadium is where they have won four consecutive arrivals, most of them in a 3-0 win (before BATE), 2-0 (against Southampton) or even 5-1 (before Bournemouth). Particularly in the reception of Arsenal to the home, Tottenham has won the last 2 times, even making opponents have no chance to concede even if it is an honor.

In the opposite direction, Arsenal did not perform well in operations away from home. Specifically, in the last 10 matches away from home, Arsenal have won 6 and lost 4. The last 3 games they have won, but those are victories at home. 
Because it is often not good to be away from home, although it is better than Tottenham, Arsenal is still not a better name in this competition. The rate of 0.5 handicap has shown that experts believe in Tottenham more than the visitors.

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