West Ham vs Huddersfield

West Ham - Huddersfield 
Football : England - Premier League 
Saturday (16 March) 16:00 (GMT +1)


Not only did Manuel Pellegrini's side play very impressively at home, but there was no defeat in the previous three encounters with Huddersfield Town. Meanwhile the guests were completely helpless in the relegation battle and accepted with the relegation ticket next season. This may well have been a huge influence on the psychology of players Huddersfield Town.
The failing season of the Galpharm home team came not only from the players who dreamed of sleeping when they had to take 53 goals after 30 rounds, but Huddersfield Town could not win with ineffectual attack. , even in the last 10 matches, the students of Jan Siewert have only had 2 goals. Obviously this is making them very underestimated by West Ham United.

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