Arsenal vs Crystal Palace

Arsenal vs Crystal Palace 

The 1-0 victory at Napoli not only helped Arsenal advance to the Europa League semi-final but also showed positive changes in the spirit and playing spirit of the Gunners especially on the away field. . This is the Gunners' third consecutive win and the fifth of their last 6 appearances. At home, the London team is doing very well with 8 successive victories in recent arrivals, which keeps the net clean for 6 matches. It can be seen that having to march to Emirates Stadium is a nightmare of not only the team, but with Crystal Palace as well.

The Gunners are fourth with 66 points, 1 point behind Tottenham's top 3, and a point behind Chelsea. Therefore, they need the point to maintain their position, even comparing the 3rd position of the Rooster. While Emery teachers and students have such clear goals, Crystal Palace doesn't have much motivation to play anymore. They are ranked 13th with 39 points, 8 points higher than the group with red lights. It was a safe distance for Crystal Palace to relax in the remaining four rounds. 

With no specific goals in Premier League, Crystal Palace's form is more erratic than the previous period. In the last 10 matches, they lost 5 matches. Closer to the last 6 appearances, they only got 2 wins. In front of big Big Six players like Man City or Tottenham, Crystal Palace has always been helpless. It is possible to continue ahead of their opponents tonight, Arsenal.
In the past, Crystal Palace lost 9/13 times the most recent clashes between the two teams. In particular, the Gunners won 5 out of 6 times to meet this opponent at Emirates Stadium, and 4 of them were separated by 2 goals or more. With the situation of the current two teams, the odds of 1 left cannot make it difficult for Emery and his students. They won the last 3 matches while Crystal Palace lost 2/3 of the last match. Obviously believe in the Gunners in the match tonight.

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