Arsenal vs Watford

The victory over Napoli in the mid-week quarter-finals helped Arsenal have a big advantage before going into the second leg. Now they can rest assured their goals in the Premier League. Currently the Gunners are ranked 6th with 63 points, less than the team ranked on MU only 1 point but 1 round is still in play. Therefore, if you win the match tonight, Arsenal will find their place in the European team next season.
Although Arsenal's performance has been quite good recently with 4/6 victories, they did not do well every time they had to leave home. Specifically, the Gunners have left 5 out of 8 away football matches since the beginning of 2019 to date. However, high determination will be a powerful weapon for Unai Emery's teachers in the battle tonight against Watford. Twice the last time encountered this team, the Gunners all won and kept the net clean. Most recently, they beat Watford 2-0 at Emirates Stadium. 

Watford will have a big fulcrum from home in this match. Vicarage Road is the place where they have won 6 consecutive arrivals, while keeping clean up to 5 of them. Even MU or Napoli have to blame leaving here, and Bournemouth has even been battered until 1-5 when visiting this place. But Arsenal have a reason not to be afraid to make Watford guests because the Gunners have won 4 out of the last 5 marches here.

Currently Watford's performance is quite consistent with 2 losses and 4 alternating wins in the last 6 appearances in every arena. In addition, Watford is often bad at Big Six. They lost to Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea, winning only Tottenham. Currently, Watford is ranked 10th with 46 points, too far from both the European team and the dangerous group. So the home team has no motivation in the rest of the Premier League this season because they have successfully relegated.

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