Aston Villa vs Millwall

AVFC vs Millwall 

If you have to point out the most impressive team in the end of the season, it is definitely Aston Villa. Under the leadership of Coach Dean Smith and assistant John Terry, Villans won all nine rounds, scoring 22 goals, averaging each match 2.44 times. Of course, they all bring joy to the Asian NHM.

Aston Villa climbed to the 5th place, seemingly relegated to the white flag in a race to qualify for the promotion play-off, 6 points higher than 7th-place Bristol City (72 vs. 66). In the context of three rounds of the season, this is a very safe way and it is like a guarantee that Aston Villa will finish in the top

On the opposite side, Millwall was leaning against the wall. Before landing at Villa Park, teachers and teachers Neil Harris ranked 21st, 3 points higher than the group with red lights. That means, if they go blank tonight, they will face the risk of being dragged into the danger zone. Therefore, if not able to snatch 3 points, Millwall needs at least 1 draw against Aston Villa.

As mentioned, Aston Villa is almost certain to finish in the top 6, so they are allowed to loose their legs in front of Millwall. But even if you want to extend the winning circuit, Aston Villa will surely encounter fierce resistance from the opponent. Since facing the threat of relegation, Millwall has been very resilient, but the unbeaten 4 rounds a
re proof. So the advice given is to choose the client side.

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