Bournemouth vs Fulham

Although not yet officially relegated, but with 10 points more dangerous teams, 99.9% Bournemouth have a ticket to stay in the Premier League for at least one more season. This is not really surprising because since the promotion until now, Cherry has always been a difficult team to play in the English Premier League.

Without such a personality, despite investing "money" in the transfer window after promotion at the end of last season, Fulham quickly bogged down and soon had to get a pass ticket back to the Championship, despite the prize The highest level of Mist land has yet to end.

Fulham's defeat this season was dissected by experts, largely because the London team was too lacking in identity. Even when Ranieri "the welder" went to Craven Cottage, he could not save Fulham's bowl season and quickly left his predecessor.

Before continuing to "conspire" back to the Premier League, now Fulham should probably enjoy the few remaining atmosphere of the tournament considered the most attractive on the planet. On the other side, there was no reason why Bournemouth had to stay in the match when they played at the Vitality Sanctuary.

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