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Liverpool returned to the Premier League arena when still excited with the results in the European Cup. In the Champions League, Klopp's teachers and students have just beat Porto with a total of 6-1 after 2 matches to win a ticket to the semifinals. This is something that has been predicted by Liverpool to be far more appreciated than Portuguese representatives. Before going through the real challenge at the semifinal against Barcelona, ​​Liverpool will return to the domestic arena to continue the championship race with Man City.

Liverpool are at the top of the table and 2 points behind Man City. But The Kop is not the right people to decide their fate because they have played more than 1 match against a direct competitor. Thus, in order to fulfill the dream of winning the Premier League after many years of waiting, Liverpool were forced to win all the remaining matches of the tournament, while waiting for Man City to break. 

Despite having to fight in many arenas at the same time, Liverpool is still doing very well. They have been unbeaten for the last 17 appearances in every playing field and have won all their last 8 matches. On the away field, Klopp's teachers and students have been unbeaten for the past 8 times while simultaneously winning the last 3 times. The Red Brigade's sublimation style is the basis for these team fans to hope and believe in a good result at the end of the season.
Although it is impossible to decide in the Premier League championship, it is clear that Liverpool are in the hands of both teams in their march to Cardiff in this round. Compared to Liverpool, Cardiff is completely incomparable in all aspects from class, strength, force to form. Cardiff is currently ranked 18th on the rankings and 2 points below the safety group. 3 points from the victory over Brighton in the previous round helped the relegation door open to Cardiff. 

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