Celtic vs Kilmarnock


Celtic - Kilmarnock
Football : Scotland - Premier League
Saturday (27 April) 11:30 (GMT 0)

Entering the second stage as the top team in the first stage, along with the top spot in the league and the gap up to 9 points compared to the rivals, Rangers, Celtic are continuing to take advantage That's great in the race towards the 50th league title in the Scottish League.

However, it was disappointing that even in the first match of the second season, teachers and coaches Neil Lennon spent 1 point after the 0-0 draw at Hibernian. However, as mentioned above, with the current distance, the chance for Celtic to be crowned is only a matter of time, especially when the second stage has only 4 rounds to finish.

In the next game, Celtic will have a confrontation with Kilmarnock, before the opponent is not too strong, this will be a great opportunity for teachers and coaches Neil Lennon towards 3 points. However, at the moment, there are still issues that make Celtic not really reliable before this match. Specifically, in the last 2 rounds, they did not win.

Besides, the almost sure of the championship also makes the motivation of this team be suspected. Not only that, on the other side of the battle line, Kilmarnock is also showing that he is not an easy opponent. Specifically in the last 7 matches, they have won 3, drawn 3; Particularly on away field, all of the last 3 matches of teachers and coach Steve Clarke also have points.

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