Celtic vs Livingston

Celtic - Livingston 
Football : Scotland - Premier League 
Saturday (06 April) 15:00

Celtic vs Livingston 
The tournament went to the final match of the circle stage. The couple are also in the position they own: Celtic leads the way and defends the throne while Livingston is not too worried because they are creating a difference of 17 points with the 10th ranked team. Phase 2 grouping, the 6 standing teams from the 7th to the 12th will kick the circle to avoid relegation.

Because the score still accumulated from the first phase, Livingston didn't need to worry too much about his fate. For a rookie like them, the achievement in this season can be considered acceptable. Currently, Livingston is in a comfortable mood, they have just won Hamilton 2 goals without losing and is the third match to overcome Asian competition in the last 4 rounds.

On the home side, Celtic still show them to be the No. 1 force in Scotland at this time. With the current score, Celtic in phase 2 will almost certainly protect their throne. Celtic have 2 draws in this match but the point is too deep and before the ball rolling, the probability of the main rate will be adjusted to the level of handicap 1 3/4.

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