Everton vs Man United

Everton vs Man United  

Man United must not have time to be sad after being eliminated from Barcelona quarter-finals of the Champions League. They need to immediately return to the top 4 race in the Premier League to win the chance to own the UEFA Champions League ticket. To find a place in the top 4, MU will have to overcome a simple challenge in this round when having to march to Everton's Goodison Park.

Season season of MU as a sinusoidal graph. The sublimation period helps them from the middle of the score board to reach the top. But soon after, the unrelenting results caused them to bounce off the top 4. Currently, Ole Gunnar Solskjær's teachers are sixth with a gap of 2 points from the top 4. In the context of only four rounds in the season and Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal are all in a fairly stable form, they are full of chances to win European Cups, the future of MU this year is still very dim.

In the last 6 times out in every arena, MU only won 2 matches, the remaining lost 4. After a series of 9 wins away from home under Solskjaer, the Red Devils are losing the last 4 matches as guests. Recently, the quality of the Red Devils' play has also decreased quite a lot, their strikers are having certain problems and cannot be the best version of themselves on the football field. It will be very difficult for them to confront a fairly harmonious Everton at the present time.
Everton is ranked ninth with 46 points. 20 points is their gap with Chelsea top 5. Thus, Everton has no goals at all this season. They will take advantage of the remaining 4 rounds to test and assemble the squad after finishing the season in an unexpected position. Their performance recently is not bad. The blue shirt team had 3 consecutive victories in the Premier League before losing 0-2 to Fulham in the last round. On the home field, they won 3/4 of the nearest guests.

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